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Vital Stats

Member Since: Nov 23, 1999


Phone: 709 364-3931

Fax: 709 364-1878

Attending Member: William Green

Primary Contact: William Green  |

Secondary Contact: Randell Porter  |

Address: 80 Cowan Ave, St. Johnís NL A1E 3P2


We are a Promotional Products Distributer for all of NL and beyond. We supply Embroidered and Screen Printed clothing and caps along with Custom Printed and Laser Engraved products of your choice with your name and logo and tagline.

What Makes Us Successful:

We learn about common interests and common hindrances in growing business from each member. Also a number of guest speakers offer insight on a wide range of topics of great interest. There is a strong friendship among the members. This is evident in the social activities throughout the year.

Why We Joined:

We joined BANL †to associate with our peers in small businesses in St. Johnís and surrounding areas. Most members are owners of their own organizations and there is direct contact with the decision makers for buying and selling. Members support each other for purchase and sale of goods and services. There is always an exchange of the latest concerns for operating businesses in the province.

Why We Stay:

Membership offers learning, extended social life and opportunities to network regularly. Meetings are relaxed and in very friendly and fun atmosphere. It offers needed regular short breaks from the workplace. Allows opportunities to have personal contact with your prospective clients.


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