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Vital Stats

Member Since: Apr 27, 1984

Phone: 709 576-2773

Fax: Fax: 709 754-5469

Attending Member: James Walsh

Primary Contact: James Walsh  |

Address: 215 Water Street, Box 77, St. John’s NL A1C 6C9


CIBC Wood Gundy is one of Canada’s premier investment firms.

The Wood Gundy partnership opened its doors for business in Toronto on February 1, 1905, specializing in underwriting and distributing municipal and provincial bonds. Its young founders, George Herbert Wood and James Henry Gundy, envisioned a financial services firm built on innovation, integrity and solid client relationships—values that the firm maintains today.
With the rapid economic growth following the Second World War came increasing demand for sophisticated financial management expertise. Wood Gundy established itself as one of Canada’s premier investment firms, financing new Canadian projects and providing investment advice to individual investors across the country.

Acquired by CIBC in 1988, what is now known as CIBC Wood Gundy has created a legacy of helping generations of Canadians meet their financial goals. As an Investment Advisor with the firm, Jim offers personalized service for each client. He believes there are 4 core areas that constitute Integrated Wealth Management: building wealth, utilizing wealth, preserving wealth and transferring wealth…all in a tax efficient manner. He applies this approach in an effort to match the personal financial objectives of his clients with their financial assets.

What Makes Us Successful:

I continue to view the Association as a means to gain access to people and organizations with whom I would like to do business. Since I joined in 2003 many of these same individuals and companies have become my trusted “Centres of Influence”, my friends and a large part of my social network. The Association, for me, has evolved into a trusted group of friends to meet and break bread with twice a month. The access to products and services from my fellow members is an added bonus as I know with a high degree of confidence that the quality of the members’ offering is something that I can trust and rely on.

Why We Joined:

When I joined in 2003, the Business Association immediately introduced me to a large number of new individuals and companies at a time when I was looking to grow my business by enlarging my client base.  I had just started a family and had recently returned from living and working in Toronto – I needed to gain access to a network of contacts with whom I could offer my services.  BANL gave me the avenue to confidently offer my services with no fear of internal competition from other members.

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Why We Stay:

The old clichés are ever so accurate when it comes to growing your business.  The benefits of the Association are multiplied when you join and actively participate in the bi-monthly luncheons.  By joining and “getting your hands dirty” with the executive group, the socials and/or the luncheons you will grow your network.  The more time and effort you put into the Association, the more benefits and rewards you will reap.  For some individuals and organizations that join, you may be offering something that all members need… for others that join, you may find that one key business relationship that makes it all worth while.  However, for all members, the sense of trusted fellowship grows with the passing of time.

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