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Vital Stats

Member Since: Jan 1, 2001


Phone: 709-753-3210

Fax: 709-753-8253

Attending Member: Tom Hickey

Primary Contact: Tom Hickey  |

Address: 85 Thorburn Rd, St. John’s, NL, A1B 3M2


We are a new kind of insurance broker focused on reducing your risk and helping you purchase the right insurance coverage to protect you your family and your business. We have a team of trained professionals dedicated to giving you the best client experience whether it’s for your automobile, home or business insurance needs. We are 100% locally owned and proud to be a part of our community. Our clients are our family – come join ours!

What Makes Us Successful:

Obviously, we do a lot of business within in the group. Where possible, we support members first. But just as importantly, we have a network of experts in all kinds of different fields we can call when we need to get something done. Bonus – lots of cool people and social events to hang out with!

Why We Stay:

Show up. Come to lunch every two weeks and let people get to know you. Then the business will flow.


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