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Vital Stats

Member Since: Nov 15, 1994


Phone: 709 722 4000 ext 1

Fax: 709 722 8008

Attending Member: Gerry Puddister

Primary Contact: Gerry Puddister  |

Address: 23 Springdale Street, St John’s, NL, A1C 5H5, P. O. Box 38 Stn C.


Puddister Trading Co Ltd is a marine transportation company started in 1965 by Captain J F Puddister. It is family business with a long history of success.

The company presently owns and operates four coastal ferries chartered by the gov’t of NL. The company also owns two other vessel’s of which one is a relief ferry. The other vessel is a chase/guard vessel for the offshore oil industry.

Gerry Puddister is the Manager of Fleet Operations, Personnel and Safety.

What Makes Us Successful:

We have been purchasing services and products from the various members of BANL for more than 21 years. We get good service at a good price and on time. And as mentioned already the support for members on common issues is very important. This has proven to be not only a benefit to members but also to the economy in NL. We have received good results for all NL business owners/operators by BANL lobbying on issues of importance. BANL also supports other NL organizations who lobby on behalf of the NL business community and economy on issues of importance.

Why We Joined:

Puddister Trading Co Ltd joined BANL because it is a great networking organization. Meeting on a regular basis with fellow members gives us an opportunity to find out more information on the services and products offered by various members. But also members give each other good leads on possible business opportunities. Another good reason we joined BANL is because BANL supports its members and lobbies gov’t on behalf of its members regarding common interests such as minimum wage, workers compensation rates, corporate tax level’s, regulations and rules in various industries in NL,etc.

Why We Stay:

I tell other business owners/operators that BANL is a great networking organization that offers great services and products at BANL discount prices in a timely manner. I also tell others that BANL offers an opportunity for great leads and business opportunities for any particular business. And that BANL supports all of its members on important issues when it comes to NL owned and operated businesses and the NL economy.

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