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Vital Stats

Member Since: Feb 1, 2005


Phone: 709-747-7874

Fax: 709-747-7876

Attending Member: Rebecca Reddy

Primary Contact: Boyd Gosse  |

Address: 165 McNamara Drive, Paradise, NL


Millennium Express offers fast courier service both locally and across NL and Canada. We are also able to ship internationally with online tracking. Millennium Express is the first courier company in Atlantic Canada to become ISO certified.

What Makes Us Successful:

We have gotten some business from members. However, not as much as we expected upon joining.

Why We Joined:

Millennium Express joined BANL back in 2005 to be able to broaden our client base and network with other business owners. We wanted to be an active member in the business community and thought BANL would be a great way to achieve that.

Why We Stay:

You can get business from members but you need to be attending every meeting in order to do so.


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