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Vital Stats

Member Since: Nov 28, 2006


Phone: 709-753-7378

Fax: 709-753-7372

Attending Member: Ken Pretty

Primary Contact: Ken Pretty  |

Secondary Contact: Curtis St. Croix  |

Address: 24 Mews Place, St. John's, NL A1B 4G3


Over 30 years combined experience in the pest control industry. After placing a call to us, we will begin the process of solving your problem by identifying the particular pest that’s plaguing you and informing you of all of your options to remove it. Next, our well-trained staff will take care of your problem and continue to support you with follow-up calls. We understand the discomfort that comes with pests in one’s home. Whether creepy crawlies, cagey rodents or the unexpected, we are able to help because of our distinguished history of successful pest control.

What Makes Us Successful:

New business, new acquaintances, new partnerships, and new opportunities.

Why We Joined:

To shed awareness on how our pest control company operates, to promote business, and collaborate with other local businesses.

Why We Stay:

Benefits include finding other local businesses. Local businesses supporting other local businesses. Creating an internal business circle of client’s and associates. Networking. Raising awareness to what our business represents and provides to the community.

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